Morgan + Roberto Elopement | Ft. Davis Mountains

One September 7th 2016 Morgan & Roberto decided to unite their lives in the most intimate and whismical way possible. They got married in front of a judge in Alpine, TX where they exchanged vows and after we drove to Ft. Davis Mountains to capture their one of a kind love. I decided to share part of their vows because in all honestly it was so touching and romantic. Congratulations you two!

Morgan: " I stand before you, the one whom my soul loves & have the honor of becoming your wife. I choose you to be my husband from this day forward....All the days forward I am your beloved & you are mine. Let nothing divide us for we are made new"

Roberto: "I vow to love you unconditionally for the rest of my life & give you the best of myself. I vow to not only grow old together but to grow together. Together we build a life that neither of us could imagine alone. I vow my life to you Morgan from this day forward & promise to live & cherish you far as long as I shall live"

naeli ortiz

Naeli Ortiz Photography, Midland, Texas