Guajardo Family

"Think of your family today & everyday thereafter, don't let the busy world of today keep you from showing how much you love and appreciate your family"

I had the WONDERFUL pleasure to photograph The Guajardo's a couple of months ago. Felicia reached out to me and mentioned that her grandparents were going to be in town so we schedule a family session. The Guajardo's is the kind of family that you feel an immediate connection with. They make you feel so welcomed and comfortable and I must say there's never a dull moment with them. Between the jokes, laughs, dancing, loud music and might I add, great food, you will immediately feel like part of the family. I can honestly say meeting them has been a blessing. This beautiful family recently lost one of their own and as heart braking as the situation has been they have managed to be a tighter unite and trust fully in Jehovah. The fact that I was able to take their photos & see them in their element was very moving. They will forever have these memories of their beloved brother-father-son-uncle-grandson to remember him by. The day I attented Felipe's memorial, his beautiful mother told me: "You gave me the best gift possible, memories that I will never forget of all my family together, thank you". You are very welcome Cecilia, it was my honor & pleasure to have spent that day with your beautiful family // John 5: 28 & 29  

You will be missed but we will see you soon Felipe.